Week 9 of Term 3 was a huge week. We held our 2020 Aveley North Primary School Athletics carnival over 4 days.

A message from our House Leaders:

Thank you to Mr Byrne for organising the Sports Carnival. We loved the way it was set out and how the track was easy to see. All the kids did a very good job. No matter what place you came, we’re all proud of you. We loved that all the kids tried their best. The weather on the day was perfect – not too hot to run. We also loved how everyone cheered for everyone else, no matter what house they were from. There was great support on the day. Thanks to the teachers for helping us to practise before so we knew what to do, and to the parents for attending and cheering everyone on. Finally, well done to Jarrah for winning on the day.

Congratulations to Jarrah for winning the carnival and to all of our medallion recipients.

1st place      Jarrah    873 points

2nd place    Wattle    854 points

3rd place     Marri      774 points

4th place    Sheoak    640 points