Book Week

Our first, and what will be annual Book Week Parade, was held yesterday at the assembly.  It was again a great activity and many of our students and staff enthusiastically participated by designing costumes and wearing them in the parade. The theme for our Book Week has been ‘Find Your Treasure’.

We saw many a pirate on display over the course of the week and we have heard many stories about successful treasure hunts. We certainly have some wonderful children who obviously read a lot and were able to express their understanding of the book characters in their costumes. The students were able to tell us who their character was and what book they were based on.

Thank you Mrs Longthorn and all the staff for organising the activities related to Book Week and all the staff and students for their amazing enthusiasm. Our students enjoyed a Book Week Play last Friday called ‘Treasure Hunt’ that celebrated the value of reading and having books in our lives. I would also like to thank the wonderful parents and community members who came in over the course of the week to read their favourite story to the children. This was highlighted by our P&C committee providing all children with a milo and biscuit during the reading sessions with our visitors.