We work closely with our supportive, enthusiastic community who are keen to assist in delivering a school of excellence, where children are encouraged and provided with opportunities to succeed.

It is with great pleasure that I become the second substantive Principal at Aveley North PS following the outstanding work of foundation educators, support staff and community members. I’m very much an instructional leader who believes in strong community partnerships to develop the academic, social, emotional and physical aspects of every child within a safe and caring school environment.

Our school is dedicated to working alongside the community to create a clear strategic plan, with clearly articulated goals, strategies and targets to ensure Aveley North PS offer students their best opportunities to learn and achieve their potential.

Together We Succeed

In partnership with parents, the community and relevant agencies we want to develop a holistic approach to learning that caters for each child’s academic, social and emotional needs.

Being Principal at Aveley North Primary School is a privilege and every day brings new challenges and rewards. There is great warmth among our students and genuine dedicated and professional staff who give our school the strength and unique flavour that distinguishes it as a school of choice in the area.

As you read through our website you will get a feel for the vibrancy and strength with a young school ready to deepen its program and connections with the local community.

If you would like to know more about us, I encourage you to get in touch or visit us in person.

With best wishes,

Shayne Harris