We are proud to introduce the esteemed student leaders and sport captains of Aveley North Primary School who exemplify exceptional qualities and serve as role models within our school community. These outstanding individuals have been entrusted with important responsibilities and play a vital role in fostering a positive and inclusive environment for all students.

Similarly, our sport captains are exceptional athletes who showcase both skill and sportsmanship. They lead by example, encouraging their fellow students to participate in physical activities, promoting teamwork, and embodying the values of fair play and respect. Our sport captains motivate and inspire others to excel in sports, instilling a love for physical fitness and healthy competition.

Both our student leaders and sport captains hold influential positions within our school. They actively engage in decision-making processes, contribute to school initiatives, and collaborate with staff and fellow students to create a positive school culture. Their role involves fostering unity, supporting their peers, and being approachable figures that students can turn to for guidance and assistance.

Leader 1

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