At Aveley North Primary School, we offer a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses a wide range of enriching subjects, ensuring a well-rounded education for our students.  Children are encouraged to explore, problem-solve, discover, improvise, create, question, discuss and construct during their formative years, in setting up the foundations for their future learning. 

Teaching for Impact

The Department of Education’s Teaching for Impact framework is an educational approach that prioritizes effective teaching practices aimed at maximizing student learning and development. This framework is reflected in our day-to-day teaching pedagogy and continually reflected on and improved through peer coaching.

Early Childhood

Aveley North Primary School’s Early Childhood teachers design and deliver engaging and inspiring learning programs based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the Western Australian Curriculum. The National Quality Standards (NQS) framework guides all programing to ensure a safe, stimulating and supportive environment where children can grow socially, emotionally, physically and academically.


At Aveley North Primary School, we are dedicated to delivering a comprehensive and engaging English curriculum to our young learners. Our approach is designed to foster a love for language and a lifelong appreciation for the power of effective communication. Here’s a glimpse into how we achieve this: 


Comprehensive Programs To ensure a consistent and enriching learning experience for all students, we employ a range of whole school programs: 

    • Talk for Writing: This initiative emphasizes oral expression and story structure to enhance writing skills, nurturing creativity and confidence in written expression. 
    • Letters and Sounds: This program provides a solid foundation in phonics and early reading, guiding children towards becoming proficient spellers and readers. 
    • Soundwaves: Used for phonemic awareness and spelling, Soundwaves equips students with mastery over English phonology, strengthening spelling and decoding capabilities. 
    • Colourful Semantics: This program supports language development colour coding sentences according to the role of different words. It helps children break down sentences and understand the individual meaning of each word and its role in the sentence. This evidence-based approach empowers students to effectively use vocabulary in both written and spoken contexts.

Assessment and Progress Monitoring Regular assessment is pivotal in tracking each child’s progress and tailoring our teaching to their specific needs. We utilize the following assessment tools: 

  • Letters & Sounds Phase Tracker: This comprehensive assessment trackers are designed to closely monitor student progress and achievement in phonics, a crucial aspect of early reading and language development.
  • Soundwaves Spelling Test: This assessment is organised into various levels, each targeting specific spelling concepts and skills. It allows educators to track each students spelling progress over time and helps to identify strengths and areas where further support may be required.
  • Tickled Pink & Green For Growth: Whole school language for feedback. The pink is intended to highlight work that has met the learning intention and green identifies areas that require further improvement.
  • SCASA Judging Standards: These standards enable us to gauge students’ English proficiency against established benchmarks, identifying areas for growth and additional support.
  • Brightpath: This comprehensive written and oral assessment tool designed to make student progress and achievement visible, clearing outlining next steps to support individual growth.


A whole School Numeracy Plan is developing during 2018 to implement and embed the Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract approach to teaching Mathematics.  Our staff will use the Explicit Teaching Model to implement the PR1ME program across the school which supports our students to understand mathematical concepts and use mathematics in everyday life. This is a structured, systematic, consistent and engaging methodology for teaching the skills of Mathematics.


A response to intervention program is well established at Aveley North Primary School
Regular meetings with school leaders provide teachers with access to support and advice on practical, evidence-based tools and strategies to support students.
Teachers collaboratively plan intervention programs for individuals and small groups of students, including EALD and Aboriginal students. Specific intervention programs, such as Letters and Sounds and Bond Blocks, are continually evaluated for their effectiveness and impact on student learning.


Aveley North PS will implement a hands-on approach to learning Science and implement the Primary Connections program across the schoolThis is an enquiry-based learning model which encourages students in the 5Es – to Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate. 

Digital and Design Technologies

In our technology-focused curriculum, we go beyond the basics of digital literacy to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the ever-evolving digital world. Our program encompasses various aspects, including Design Technologies, where students explore the intersection of creativity, problem-solving, and digital innovation.

Our approach to design technologies is driven by hands-on, project-based learning. Students tackle real-world challenges, engaging in design thinking processes that encourage innovation, critical thinking, and creativity. They work collaboratively, applying their technical skills and problem-solving abilities to create prototypes and digital solutions that address specific needs or problems.

The Arts

Opportunities are provided for children to express their artistic talents. This includes performance, in the domains of Music, Visual and Performing Arts. Children are encouraged to learn through the Arts and develop their creativity through a variety of media.

Physical Education

The school undertakes a range of programs developing students’ fundamental movement skills, organised sport programs and dance, as well as house sporting activities and carnivals. Students can further extend their abilities with opportunities to compete in Interschool carnivals representing Aveley North PS competing against schools in the Ellenbrook Interschool Sports Association network. This program aims to develop in each student, skills, fitness and a positive attitude to be able to live and enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle. 

Students from Pre Primary to Year 6 also participate in the Department of Education’s swimming lesson program during the year. This is comprised of 8 – 10 lessons conducted over a two week period. 


At Aveley North students learn how to enhance their health, safety and wellbeing and to contribute to building healthy, safe and active communities. 


At Aveley North Primary students are given the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in relation to the four subjects of Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business, Geography and History. Students are encouraged to think critically about the world around them and to learn to be active participants in an everchanging world.