Aveley North Primary School has developed a model of educational delivery that embraces an extended services philosophy whereby the school promotes the involvement of partner organisations. Research consistently demonstrates that a collaborative and integrated serviced delivery model for the provision of programs and services to pre-school children, school-aged students and families, will result in positive outcomes for children and the community more broadly. Working collaboratively with these partners Aveley North is able to access professional growth for staff and to engage wider community support for the school and its students. We aim to maintain effective partnerships by promoting, supporting and communicating effectively with parents/carers and the wider community.

The School fosters strong links with agencies in the school, to add value to learning opportunities, reduce disadvantage and establish opportunities for research, development and innovation at Aveley North PS. These include –

  • University – Ongoing pre service teacher development, professional learning opportunities for staff, research project involvement and student initiatives.
  • Staff Development – Ongoing support for Aveley North PS initiatives, Professional Learning opportunities, and ongoing research opportunities. Staff development and reflection opportunities – “Aveley North Video Club” initiative.
  • Therapy – Personnel and support for speech, physiotherapy and occupational therapy assessment, program implementation and review.
  • Department of Health WA – Location of Dental Clinic and Community Nurse on site.
  • Embed the Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework (5 cultural standards of Relationships. Leadership, Teaching, Learning Environment and Resources) in the school’s operations. Staff to utilise the ACSF to incorporate culturally responsive attitudes, values and behaviours into their everyday work. Local indigenous agencies to support School programs.

Aveley North will continue to foster engagement on three levels with the school community:


Governance and formal groups:

Engagement of the School Board in decision making and working closely with the P&C.


Engagement of Parents:

Development of community values and providing formal and informal opportunities for communication and building partnerships.


Extended Services:

Strong connection to external agencies to provide wrap around support to the Aveley North PS programs and its students.