Aveley North PS adheres to the Department of Education’s Enrolment Policy and requires the following documents when submitting your Application for Enrolment:

• minimum of three pieces of approved evidence (Land Rates/Lease Agreement; and utility bills)

• original birth certificate or extract of birth, or passport

• Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) Statement. This can be obtained through Medicare on your MyGov account, ACIR on 1800 653 809, emailing acir@humanservices.gov.au or visiting a Medicare office in person.

Administration of Medication


Application for Enrolment: K-6


Enrolment form: Year Kindy -2


Enrolment Form: Year 3-6


Overseas Enrolment

Students who were born overseas must hold the appropriate visa before applying to the school. For overseas students who are entering Australia using an entry visa it is necessary that the office sight the passport and visa of the parent (primary visa holder) and student at the time of Application for Enrolment.

For all visa enquiries please contact Education and Training International on 08 9218 2100 or email study.eti@dtwd.wa.gov.au

Students with Special Needs

Parents of students with Special Needs are asked to contact the school to discuss these needs when the Application for Enrolment has been approved to ensure that the most appropriate program is in place to meet their needs.

Student Records/Information

It is essential that all of the information on these forms is accurate and current. In the case of emergencies it is vital that we have the most up to date student and family information. If there are changes of address, telephone number, emergency contacts or medical details please ensure that the school is notified immediately.

All medical information needs to be correct at time of enrolment to enable the school to create an emergency response plan if one is required.

Custody of Children

The School Education Act 1999 (WA) advises parents and carers are obliged to inform the school of any Family Court Orders or other orders, which are applicable to their children.

Please provide copies of Family Court Orders to the Principal at time of enrolment. An appointment to discuss the information with the Principal will be provided. If in the future there are any changes to the orders it is very important that you inform the Principal.