Aveley North Primary School Planning

The School Business Plan 2018-2021 has been endorsed and the Delivery and Performance Agreement has been completed and signed by the Director General of The Department of Education.  In order to meet the aims of our Business Plan, the documents Building on Strength- Future Directions for Public Schools and Strategic Directions for Public Schools 2020-2024  informs all aspects of school planning:

Building on Strength- Future Directions for Public Schools

Strategic Directions for Public Schools 2020-2024


Success for all Students

High expectations of success for every student in every school.

Aveley North PS aims to meet the needs of our students and the wider school community. We will provide a friendly, welcoming and caring environment with clear expectations of the standards expected. Teachers are supported in the delivery of interesting and stimulating educational programs. The School has developed an inspiring educational vision and puts practical measures in place to enable that vision to become a reality. The resources of the school are allocated to support the vision. Aveley North PS will be open and accountable, undertake rigorous self assessment, set ourselves challenging targets for our improvement, share information about performance, and use that evidence to inform our improvement and future development.

We want all our students at Aveley North PS to leave school well prepared for their future. A successful education will equip them to prosper economically, be happy and secure in themselves, and contribute to their community. We believe in building on our students’ strengths so every student leaves school confident they can succeed.


High Quality Teaching

A renewed and relentless focus on the best possible teaching practices.

It is our expectation at Aveley North PS that all teachers in our school are able to inspire in their students a love of learning. They build positive relationships with their students; they get to know students and are interested in their overall development and progress. They have high expectations of their students in terms of both their standard of learning and their behaviour. They treat their students with respect and expect the same in return. They know that a safe and orderly environment is necessary for their students to progress in their educational and social skills.


Effective Leadership  

Strong and empowering leadership in every school and across the whole system.

Our leadership team promotes and models these principles, and together with teachers, education assistants and non-teaching staff, are committed to providing the very best learning opportunities for our students.


Strong Governance and Support

A capable and responsive organisation for now and into the future.

Aveley North PS is responsive to the needs of our school community.  Our students and staff are supported by high quality facilities, well managed and motivational resources, an abundance of resources and a management structure that makes the most of the funding and support available to the school.  There is a strong expectation from all staff that our students will have every opportunity to succeed and the school has a structured approach to all levels of its operations.  Technology is embraced and students at Aveley North PS have access to state of the art Technologies. School targets are considered and achievable and school planning is developed and shared with school staff and the School Board.  Research based pedagogy is at the forefront of teaching and learning and the ongoing commitment to professional learning by staff places the school in a strong position to embrace a research and development culture.