I would like to welcome and introduce our staff to the community.

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Administration Team

Mrs Taylor enjoys watching students succeed at anything they try, and her favourite subject is sport. She also loves working with staff and families so our school can be the best!

Helen Taylor

Deputy Principal:
Dean Hunt

Miss Tighe enjoys helping students to learn. Her favourite subjects are Maths and English and her favourite playtime activity is Just Dance.

Deputy Principal:
Racheal Tighe

Deputy Principal:
Keren Provost

Mrs Nelhams enjoys learning anything new and loves a challenge! Her favourite part of school is helping students, staff to thrive and supporting the wider community. When she is not at school she loves going on fun adventures with her family.

Deputy Principal:
Rachael Nelhams

Ms Neill enjoys seeing students and their families when they visit the office and introducing new families to Aveley North Primary School.

Kelly Neill

Mrs Elmer works in the office, greeting all the families that come to our school. Since 2010, she has worked for the Education Department and loves watching the children grow and progress throughout their primary school years. She enjoys exploring our beautiful country in her caravan with her family.

School Officer:
Aimie Elmer

I’m originally from Victoria and I’ve been in WA for over 15 years. I love watching the footy and I go for Essendon. I’m passionate about making candles and crafts.

School Officer:
Rachael Coxon

Wellbeing Officer

Our school psychologist works 3 and ½ days a week and assists children experiencing learning, behavioural or emotional problems. Parent consent is necessary before any service is provided by the School Psychologist

School Psychologist:
Jessica Boylan

Speech Pathologist:

Christabel Cole

Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer

Juanne Williams

Mrs Ball loves to help students feel like they belong and can achieve anything if they try. Her door is always open if anyone needs a  chat or to take a break.

Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer:
Natasha Ball

Mrs Chivers loves finding the perfect book for students to read and watching them discover all the books in the library. She truly believes there is a book that will interest every student.

Library Officer:
Robyne Chivers

Mrs Schroeder’s best part of the day in the library is reading a meaningful, engaging, and exciting story to the students. She loves telling fun facts about the “Author of the Month” and to find hidden secrets, arty drawings, and fun rhymes in their picture books.

Library Officer:
Cindy Schroeder

Classroom Teachers

Miss Bott loves anything sport-related and relaxing with her family. She enjoys challenging her students with escape rooms and investigations. Miss Bott has a passion for inclusion and creating a fun classroom environment.

Maggie Bott

Miss Bell enjoys spending time with her two dogs and travelling. She loves having fun in Pre Primary, creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all. Her favourite activities in the classroom are reading stories and playing Math games!

Emma Bell

Ms Burns loves teaching and is extremely passionate about creating a safe, supportive and inclusive environment where her students can grow and experience success.

Natasha Burns

Miss Crawford has a passion for teaching students in a safe and caring environment. She loves to help her students achieve their goals. Her favourite subjects are HASS and writing. Out of school, she enjoys spending time with her two dogs and reading books.

Claire Crawford

Mrs Flannery believes you should never regret a day in your life, as good days give us happiness and bad days give us experience.

Davina Flannery

Mrs Fry loves teaching Year 3s. She enjoys watching them discover new things. Her favourite subjects to teach are Maths and HASS.

Kathleen Fry

Mrs H loves all things rainbow! She enjoys having a bright classroom filled with love and laughter. At school Mrs H loves story time and arts and crafts.

Mrs H

Miss Murray is thrilled to continue her journey at Aveley North Primary School. She loves teaching English, and she aims to build a welcoming and safe learning space where all students can flourish and enjoy themselves! Beyond school, she also has a passion for exploring different parts of the world.

Georgia Murray

Miss Horner loves to see her students thrive and have fun while learning. She enjoys creating games and activities for the children and promotes a love of learning!

Ella Horner

Ms. I. has a love for learning and aims to tap into her students’ interests and fuel their curiosity. Her favourite lessons are creative writing and history.

Amber Iredell-Scott

Miss Jacques loves teaching Early Childhood and having fun in the classroom. Her goal is to create a safe place for students to feel loved and supported in achieving their full potential. Her favourite subject to teach is Phonics.

Kia Jacques

Mr Kuah enjoys a dance and a sporting challenge. He loves making the classroom a supportive learning environment full of laughter and fun.

Jarrod Kauh

Mrs Kynoch loves to see her students succeed in an inclusive and supportive classroom. She enjoys teaching Maths and Writing and adapting these lessons to make them engaging for all children.

Sarah Kynoch

Miss Carrick has a passion for differentiation, wellbeing, and inclusion. She believes that every student is an individual who is capable of success and that students flourish in a positive learning environment.

Emma Carrick

Miss McKerchar enjoys spending time with her dog and travelling. She loves teaching her class in a safe, supportive and vibrant environment. Her favourite subjects to teach are Writing and Maths.

Caitlin McKerchar

Ms Miller loves watching her students thrive in an inclusive and engaging learning environment. She enjoys teaching all subjects but especially Health and Writing.

Georgia Miller

Mrs Morrow is passionate about Early Childhood Education. She believes that the more positive start to schooling a child can have, the more likely they are to enjoy school in the future years. Mrs Morrow loves creating learning environments that allow children to discover.

Sarah Morrow

Mrs Nair loves helping students reach their full potential. She enjoys having fun every day and seeing students improve at the same time.

Rebecca Nair

Mrs Neill loves to have fun in Kindy! She loves nothing more than playing games and laughing with her students. Her favourite classroom activities are reading and counting.

Katrina Neill

Mrs Oliver loves being a teacher and is passionate about supporting the wellbeing and mental health of her students. Her favourite subjects to teach are Health and HASS.

Nicolle Oliver

Miss Smith is excited to begin her teaching career and help all her students reach their full potential and experience success. With a background in the disability sector, she strongly believes in creating a classroom environment where everyone feels safe, supported and included.

Kaitlyn Smith

Ms Parsons loves building her students’ capacity to believe in themselves. She is passionate about teaching Mathematics and English and enjoys sports carnivals and school camps.

Dominique Parsons

Mrs Erskine is a passionate Early Childhood educator who believes in play-based, hands-on learning and loves singing and dancing with her class.  Her focus is to develop happy, independent, and caring individuals under a nurturing supervision which supports them to learn to their best ability.

Liesel Erskine

Mrs Fell loves watching her students learn, grow and experience new and exciting things. She has so much fun teaching her class. Her favourite subjects to teach are Maths and HASS.

Rachel Fell

Miss Revill loves to celebrate her students’ successes and have fun in the classroom. Her favourite lessons are writing and reading.

Annaliese Revill

Mrs Rigoll has a passion for early childhood and loves all of the fun, excitement and energy of the Kindergarten classroom. She gets great joy out of watching her students learn and discover everyday.

Claire Rigoll


Naomi Rooke

Mrs Ryniker believes in building positive relationships with her students and strong partnerships with their families.  Her favourite part of teaching is witnessing those ‘light-bulb’ moments when children realise they can do something they couldn’t do before.

Lara Ryniker

Miss Wilkinson is very excited to join Aveley North Primary School. She loves to create positive relationships with her students and celebrating every millstone and success with them, big or small. Creating a safe and nurturing environment is her priority, ensuring that every student feels supported and encouraged.

Sophie Wilkinson

Miss Wayte loves watching her students succeed and have fun! She enjoys creating a positive and safe classroom with her students. Her favourite lessons to teach are Phonics and Maths.

Kyra Wayte

Miss Wagner loves seeing her students learn new things and enjoys playing games with her class. Her favourite subject to teach is Mathematics.

Zoe Wagner

I am passionate about early years education. I love setting up experiences and providing opportunities for each child to explore, discover and create. Outside of school I enjoy hands on projects that involve painting or decorating and I like to explore the outdoors in the hills where I live with my family.

Adriana Hanson

Mrs Fernie loves to teach and inspire students to reach their full potential. She has a strong passion for teaching health and wellbeing. She is dedicated to creating a positive, supportive, and inclusive learning environment. When she is not teaching, she enjoys spending time with her 2 beautiful daughters and her Spiderman obsessed husband.

Madeleine Fernie

Miss Stewart is dedicated to creating safe and inclusive learning environments where all students feel valued. She enjoys making learning fun and guiding her students to reach their full potential. Her favourite subject to teach is writing.

Morgan Stewart

Miss Smith loves helping her students to set goals, challenge themselves and grow. She values student wellbeing and creating a fun and supportive learning environment. Her favourite subjects to teach are Writing and HASS. When not at school, Miss Smith enjoys gardening and making pottery.

Jennifer Smith

Mrs Smith loves reading and bringing that same passion and magic to her students. She enjoys spending time with her family and getting outdoors. She has a dedication to getting to know each of her students and encouraging their own personal growth.

Stephanie Smith

Mr Byrne loves being a part of the Aveley North Primary School team and loves seeing students achieve success. His favourite subject is sport and he cannot wait to see ANPS win at Interschool!

Harry Bryne

Mrs Winter is passionate about creating an inclusive and supportive environment for her students. She loves providing hands-on activities for her students to learn and grow. Outside of school, she loves camping with her family.

Vanessa Winter

Mrs Prentice loves helping her students on their learning journey with fun games and hands on activities. She loves a bit of Jump Jam and Just Dance and believes a classroom should be supportive, inclusive and full of laughter.

Joanne Prentice

Specialist  Teachers

Mrs Bingham loves everything to do with art and being creative. She aims to teach children mistakes are part of the journey and mistakes lead to masterpieces. Her favourite part of teaching is seeing the pride in a student’s face when they have produced something they never thought possible.

Kylie Bingham

Mr Van Rooyen is passionate about helping students discover new and interesting ways of learning. His favourite topic to teach is coding. He also enjoys playing guitar and basketball.

Kyle Van Rooyen

Kerri Klumper

Ms Barnao loves learning about the world and all the wonderful things in it! She is passionate about her students learning the how’s and why’s of this beautiful planet we live on, so that they may become enthusiastic lifelong learners that always stop to admire rainbows!

Sundarii Barnao

Joseph Bibby

Mrs Hughes is passionate about giving every student the opportunity to succeed in what makes them happy. She loves supporting students in their journey to overcome fears and shine on stage at Aveley North Primary School and local Community events.

Michelle Hughes

Mr Stewart is a dedicated and passionate educator who brings enthusiasm and expertise to the classroom. Outside of the classroom, Mr Stewart is involved in a variety of sports as a volunteer, coach and committee member, which include surf club, junior football, touch rugby and ice hockey.

Matt Stewart

Miss Simpson loves to support and inspire her students to achieve their personal best.  She provides an inclusive and safe learning environment to help nurture positive relationships. Miss Simpson’s favourite part of teaching is watching students learn and grow to their fullest protentional with a smile on their face.

Hayley Simpson

Mrs Magatelli is passionate about students showing their creativity and who they are through the Arts. She creates a fun, safe and positive learning environment to learn and thrive. You will always see or hear Mrs Magatelli singing a Disney song around the school as those are her favourite songs to sing.

Jessica Magatelli

Allied Professionals

Mr Westmacott loves to help students learn new and exciting things at Aveley North Primary School and he especially loves how everyone is so helpful with one another. His favourite things to do at school is to play lots of games and have fun.

Aaron Westmacott

Mrs Connors moved to Perth from Ireland in 2009 with her husband and two sons. She loves working at Aveley North Primary School, helping to create a classroom environment where students have fun and enjoy learning.

Aileen Connors

Mrs Schelfhout has a passion for helping to create positive learning experiences and supporting students to reach their full potential.

Alana Schelfhout

Miss Clementson loves coming to work and having fun each day. I am passionate about helping students succeed.

Alex Clemenston





Andrea Ward

Mrs Bell loves creating a fun and safe learning environment for all students. Her favourite thing to do in class is art and reading. When she is not at school she is spending quality time with her family.

Angela Bell



Charlene Garland

Miss Camillo is passionate about providing positive experiences for students. She enjoys forming meaningful and constructive relationships with each of them and watching them grow and develop over the year.

Danielle Camillo

Mrs Rozario is an enthusiastic team member who has a passion for teaching kids of all ages. She enjoys building good and constructive relationships with staff and children at school. She loves helping kids and making a difference in their lives.

Deborah Rozario

Elisha Herbert

Miss Hampshire is passionate about inclusivity and helping all students achieve their best and encouraging their love for learning.

Eloise Hampshire


Emily Lukan

I’m really passionate about helping students to thrive in positive learning environments. Helping them to develope skills to be lifelong learners. Believing that every student is capable of success.

Haylee Percy

Mrs Tran is an enthusiastic, fun-loving, positive team member who loves to watch kids grow and have fun.

Jaclyn Tran

Miss Boerma has a passion for working with students to encourage a love for learning and develop independent skills to help them achieve their personal best.

Elisha Herbert

Jenna Michie

Julia Robinson

Mrs Karada loves helping students in an inclusive school environment. She enjoys engaging students in playful learning games.

Kamalarani Karada



Kara Battiato

Mrs. Davis is on a mission to build confidence. She enjoys lifting others up, encouraging them to discover their own strengths, building confidence, and self-belief to shine brightly. When not in the classroom, she can be found cheering on her hockey-playing teens.

Tray Davis

Miss Sebo is passionate about encouraging students to get through their busy day at school and help them to reach their very best. Providing  patience and understanding for everyone’s needs to make students love coming to school, is something she cares for the most!

Ella Sebo

Mrs. Tenaglia is passionate about making learning both exciting and enjoyable for students. She enjoys getting to know everyone and assisting them in exploring new ideas. Beyond school she likes spending quality time with her family and supporting her favourite football team (the real football, played with the round ball!).

 Lynsey Tengalia

Coming from regional WA Mrs Forrester enjoys embracing the community spirit of Aveley North. She loves being part of a team that ensures all children have a fun and positive learning environment where they feel safe and welcome. When not at school you’ll find her in the garden, finishing one of her many projects or enjoying time with family.

Gemma Forrester

Miss Raeside (Miss Rae) loves joking around with students and guiding students to reach their potential academically in all subjects. Her favourite subjects are Art and Literacy. When she is not school loves to spend time at the beach with music and her drawing books.

Kate Raeside

Kiara Bingham

Mrs Bedford loves creating a fun learning experience for all of her students. She really enjoys doing art and craft and when she is not at school she is spending quality time with her little family.

Kirsty Bedford

Ms Anderson loves working as part of the Aveley North team as she believes it is the best place for students to learn and grow in a supportive environment.

Kylie Anderson

Mrs Vinall is a fun-loving compassionate EA, who loves helping students reach their full potential and enjoys coming to school.

Laura Vinall

Mrs Falconer is kind, caring and creative and loves helping students to be their best self. Her favourite subjects are Art and Maths. She believes, ‘If you can believe it, you can do it!’ – Walt Disney.

Linda Falconer

Mrs Ballarine loves being a part of the Aveley North team! Her goal is to make each student she works with feel safe and supported in their learning environment. She loves getting to know the students, having a chat and a laugh and trying to keep up with the ‘lingo’!

Loren Ballarine

Lucy-Ellen Martinovich

Mrs Garbutt feels blessed to be a part of such a wonderful team at Aveley North! She has a passion for helping students learn to read and write to achieve their personal best in an encouraging and positive environment.

Melanie Garbutt

Mrs Minus enjoys helping students learn in an inclusive school environment and understands the diverse needs of all students. She loves to travel and spend time with her family

Michelle Minus

Mrs Pethick loves working with students to create a fun, friendly and positive learning environment.

Michelle Pethick

Mrs Shepherd loves creating a safe and positive learning environment for her students. She loves helping her students have fun while they are learning. Her favourite subjects are Literacy and Art.

Penelope Shepherd

Ms Saupold enjoys being creative, her favourite part of school is interacting with students and getting to know them. When she is not at school she loves creating memories with her family.

Rainee Saupold

Mrs Dymock enjoys creating a fun, safe learning environment for her class. She is patient, passionate about student wellbeing and loves interacting with her kindy students and watching them grow.

Renee Dymock

Mrs Roshni Chawla is extremely passionate about students’ education and wellbeing, ensuring they feel safe and supported as they learn.

Roshni Chawla

Samantha Timbrell

Samuel Shilkin

Mrs Rani is passionate about creating a safe and supportive learning environment, where each student can reach their full potential and become a lifelong learner.

Sangeeta Rani

Miss Ribbens loves to bring happiness and fun into the classroom. She is patient attentive and considerate of everyone’s feelings. Miss Ribbens enjoys interacting with students of all ages encouraging positive behaviour, fun and creativity.

Sarah Ribbens

Miss De Rizzo is passionate about helping students thrive, succeed and develop a genuine love for learning throughout their educational journey.

Shanel De Rizzo

Mrs Nelson feels incredibly lucky to have a job that she loves in such a beautiful community. She believes in making a positive impact on every student’s life.

Sherrilee Nelson



Sian Hopla

Tahliya Watson

Tegan Kennedy

Thomas Harper