Mission Statement

At Aveley North Primary School, we envision a thriving and inclusive school garden that honours the wisdom of the Noongar people and their profound understanding of the land through the recognition of the Noongar Six Seasons. We commit to fostering a deep connection between our students and the natural world while demonstrating a profound respect for Indigenous Australians and their traditional knowledge. Our mission is to create a sustainable school garden that also focuses on reintroducing native flora, contributing to ecological restoration, and fostering biodiversity, all while aligning with the Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework and Aveley North Primary School's RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan). At Aveley North Primary School our school garden is a living testament to the harmony between Indigenous wisdom, ecological sustainability, and the revitalization of our natural heritage. By embracing the Noongar Six Seasons, honouring Indigenous Australians, promoting sustainability, and reintroducing native flora, we aim to create an enduring legacy of environmental stewardship and cultural appreciation for generations to come.

Integrate the Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework

We recognise the importance of acknowledging and respecting the Aboriginal Cultural Standards framework in all aspects of our school garden. By incorporating these standards, we ensure cultural safety, authenticity, and sensitivity in our practices, promoting cultural understanding and appreciation among our students and staff.

Celebrate the Noongar Six Seasons

We embrace the cultural significance of the Noongar Six Seasons – Birak, Bunuru, Djeran, Makuru, Djilba, and Kambarang – by aligning our gardening practices and activities with the specific characteristics and teachings of each season. Through this, we aim to deepen our student's understanding of the local environment and Indigenous culture.

Foster Biodiversity

Reintroducing native flora is crucial to fostering biodiversity within our school garden. Through careful planning and ecological design, we aim to create a vibrant and balanced ecosystem that supports a wide array of plant and animal life, enhancing the overall resilience and health of the environment.

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