2018 was the foundation year of Aveley North PS and we were given a unique opportunity to establish a school that reflects our community needs and most importantly the needs of our children. As an Independent Public School, it enables the school community to have greater freedom and flexibility to make decisions about curriculum, student support, staff recruitment, financial management, governance and accountability. Significantly, we have control over the selection of teachers and other staff members. This allows us the select staff of the highest quality which, along with family support, is the single most important element in ensuring positive outcomes for all students.

In addition Aveley North PS operates a flexible one-line budget that allows the school to provide additional support to areas of need. Early intervention is a focus within the school and school funded initiatives such as Kindergarten transition, attendance strategies, parent engagement programs and interagency programs are all central to the school’s desire to welcome the school community as soon as possible into the supportive learning environment of the school. The School is committed to implementing the Western Australian Curriculum and adopting a child-centred approach that focuses on raising the level of academic, social and emotional competencies in each child, which will provide a strong foundation for life-long learning.

We look forward to working in strong partnership with you for the benefit of all children.