Who are we?

The Aveley North P&C Association is a group that is open to all parents and affiliated citizens of our school. We consist of various people from diverse backgrounds who all share one thing in common; we want to give a little of our time to help Aveley North Primary School be the best that it can be – for our children. We know how important the relationship between the school and the community is in ensuring that our children receive the best possible care. In short, this collaboration is essential in order to enable the children to reach their full potential.

The general functions of a P&C are to:

  • Encourage parents to participate in school development.
  • Develop parent participation and involvement in the School.
  • Be the forum for parents to discuss the school and community.
  • Promote and support communication and cooperation within the school community and to bring educational matters to the attention of the wider community.
  • Provide extra resources for the benefit of school students.

How Do I Get Involved?

We meet twice each term in the staff room and give advance notice of these meetings on the ‘Connect’ noticeboard. Why not come along? You’ll get to find out what’s going on in the school, decide if you would like to do anything to help, as well as have a coffee and even get to make friends with like-minded people.  Everyone is welcome and it would be great to see as many parents as possible show their support for the school by assisting the P&C in any way.

Can You Help?

We are always looking for new members and volunteers to help out. Every little effort can really make a big difference. Volunteering is also an amazing way to get networking and make new friends if you are new to the school community as well as to simply become more involved in the day to day running of our fantastic school.

The P&C can be contacted by email  aveleynorthpandc@gmail.com