Aveley North PS Early Childhood area bases their learning programs on the Early Years Learning Framework and provides a safe, stimulating and supportive environment where children can grow socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

We aim to capture children’s natural love of learning while specifically developing literacy and numeracy skills alongside all curriculum areas that are essential for future learning. Children are encouraged to explore, problem solve, discover, improvise, create, question, discuss and construct during their formative years, in setting up the foundations for their future learning. Aveley North PS will develop and deliver quality curriculum, which is responsive to the individual needs of each student.


At Aveley North PS we are focused on literacy across all areas of learning. This enables our students to communicate effectively.  In English, we have developed of a whole school approach to phonological awareness and synthetic phonics using the Letters and Sounds program. Our staff use the Explicit Teaching Model to implement the Talk 4 Writing program which is taught across the year levels. This is a structured, systematic, consistent and engaging methodology for teaching the skills of English.


A whole School Numeracy Plan is developing during 2018 to implement and embed the Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract approach to teaching Mathematics.  Our staff will use the Explicit Teaching Model to implement the PR1ME program across the school which supports our students to understand mathematical concepts and use mathematics in everyday life. This is a structured, systematic, consistent and engaging methodology for teaching the skills of Mathematics.


Aveley North PS will implement a hands on approach to learning Science and implement the Primary Connections program across the school.  This is an inquiry based learning model which encourages students in the 5Es – to Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate. 

Digital and Design Technologies

Aveley North PS is equipped with the latest in digital and design technologies to support student learning. There will be a focus on STEM in the early years, particularly numeracy, creative problem solving and coding skills. Your child will learn to use contemporary digital and design technologies including interactive LED televisions, desktop computers, robotics and iPads that will support their learning and provide them with access to current information and contemporary models of learning.

The Arts

Opportunities are provided for children to express their artistic talents. This includes performance, in the domains of Music, Visual and Performing Arts. Children are encouraged to learn through the Arts and develop their creativity through a variety of media.

Physical Education

The school undertakes a range of programs developing students’ fundamental movement skills, organised sport programs and dance, as well as faction sporting activities and carnivals. This program aims to develop in each student, skills, fitness and a positive attitude to be able to live and enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle.

Students from Pre Primary to Year 6 also participate in the Department of Education’s swimming lesson program during the year. This is comprised of 8 – 10 lessons conducted over a two week period.