2019 Kindergarten, Pre Primary and Years 1 to 6 Enrolments

2019 Kindergarten Enrolments

You will need to apply to enrol your child/ren in a public school for 2019 if they are: starting Kindergarten – 4 years old by 30 June 2019.

While it is not compulsory, almost all parents send their children to Kindergarten so they get the best start to learning at school.  If you are applying to enrol your child in Kindergarten at Aveley North PS, this must be completed as soon as possible. Parents will be informed of the outcome of applications following this.

2019 Pre Primary Enrolments

If your child is currently enrolled in Kindergarten at Aveley North PS or you have moved into our local intake area you will need to apply for enrolment into Pre Primary at Aveley North PS in 2019. In 2013 Pre Primary became compulsory and every child of Pre Primary age is required to attend school.  All children in Pre Primary will be guaranteed places in their local school.

2019 Year 1 to 6 Enrolments

Stage 2 of the building program will see the whole school ready for 2019 with all year levels available in terms of enrolment. If you are applying to enrol any of your children at our school please contact the Office when applications open.

If you are unsure whether you reside in our Local Intake Area or want to apply for enrolment please contact the Office when applications open. For families that reside outside our local intake area, please take not of the following information;

The Department of Education Enrolment Policy states;  Once a school has confirmed the number of local-intake enrolments and the school has spare capacity and appropriate programs, applications from children outside the local-intake area can be assessed after the enrolment closing date (the first Friday of Term 3 each year).

All Application for Enrolments for Kindergarten to Year 6 have opened and will be available at the Office. Those successful in their application will complete a full enrolment package. We will hold community information meetings during Term 3 and 4 for parents to disseminate critical aspects of the school program.