Welcome Back Mrs Taylor!

Kaya. Welcome to our school – Aveley North Primary School.  

As Principal, I am privileged to be a leading this amazing school. 

I started my journey as part of the leadership team in 2017, appointed as a foundation Deputy Principal, working together with the Aveley North community to build this school from the ground up.  What an opportunity! 

And now I’m back, to lead as Principal – I am truly excited to work with staff, students, their families, and the wider community to lead a school that has established a culture of care and high expectations for all.

Our school was founded on the ‘One School Model’ structure, where we aspire for every child to succeed, within an inclusive, engaging and culturally responsive environment. This allows each child to develop a pride or sense of self while respecting and absorbing the world around them. Our inclusive school model ensures all students are catered for academically, socially, emotionally and physically. 

Our staff are selected based on their skill set and understanding of inclusive schooling. Together we work hard to develop strong partnerships, collaborative relationships and a terrific sense of community. 

I can’t wait to see the places we go and the successes we achieve, because together with students and their families, staff and community, we will thrive.

Together we succeed. 

Mrs Helen Taylor